A Colliding of Minds

Watch the following promotional clip from the University of Melbourne.


When thinking about collaboration, what do you think of the term, “a colliding of minds”?

What an interesting phrase. I am not sure how much I agree with it. Maybe it describes the, seemingly at times,  unstructured randomness of collaborative activity. Yet a colliding of minds seems to give the impression of something accidental, maybe something even combative, rather than an intentional cooperative meeting of minds for some greater purpose. Thinking creatively, maybe collaboration is more of a dance … some form of creative intellectual choreography.

I would be interested in your thoughts.


2018 LEVNT (Victorian Schools) Enterprise Agreement – Update

For the Attention of all GSLPS Staff Members,

The following is a summary from LEVNT of negotiations to date regarding the enterprise bargaining process to form a new Enterprise Agreement for staff members in Victorian Lutheran Schools.

1. LEVNT has appropriately considered all claims in good faith and responded accordingly.

2. A draft enterprise agreement has been provided to the employee bargaining representatives for their

3. Whilst not all claims have been agreed, LEVNT believes the proposed agreement provides a fair and
reasonable response. As employers, we are committed to providing an agreement that achieves fair and
reasonable terms and conditions of employment for staff while also providing for the learning needs of
our students. The key elements of the proposed agreement provide for:

a. An agreement term of two (2) years from the date of approval by the Fair Work Commission
b. Salary increases ranging from 8.7% to 11.9%. over a three year period (2018 to 2020). Back pay
will be provided to eligible staff within the first two pay periods following the approval of the
Agreement by staff.
c. An increase in compassionate leave from 2 days to 3 days for injury or illness that poses a serious
threat to life.
d. An expansion of examination leave to include assessment leave.
e. An increase in Special Leave from 3 days to 5 days and broadened examples of the applicability
for which Special Leave can be accessed.
f. 5 days of paid Family and Domestic Violence leave for a full-time employee (pro-rata for a part-time
g. Increase in camp allowance for camps within Australia to $50 per night for both teachers and
school officers who are required to attend these camps.
h. An improved focus on school consultation with employees.
i. Improved access to redundancy with changes to part-time workloads.
j. An extension in the portability of leave from 3 months to 12 months.
k. Recognition of a teacher’s prior casual experience for the purpose of a teacher’s classification.
l. An annual close down period at the end of each school year with up to three additional days
leave for eligible school officers during this close down period.
m. Introduction of Junior staff rates of pay for School Officer Grade A and B classifications.
n. An amended Career Break Scheme.
o. Improved clarity with the School Officer classification structure.

4. A firm commitment has been given by LEVNT to develop teacher workload guidelines over the next two
years. This will involve consultation with teaching staff and is to ensure a balanced approach is taken to
achieving an appropriate teacher workload model in each school and a strong focus on student learning
and outcomes is maintained.

5. LEVNT is hopeful of bringing the proposed agreement to staff for a vote in late Term 2 or early Term 3.

6. As your Principal, I will continue to provide you with updates on the negotiation
process as details are shared from LEVNT.

Greg Schneider


Updated Yard Duty Roster

Updated Yard Duty Roster for Term 2 available to download.

Click here.

Good Shepherd Celebrates 40 Years

Last night, a small number of members of our School Community attended the first meeting of our 40th Anniversary Planning Committee. Thank you to Fiona and Lynda for attending. It would be great if we had a few additional staff members join our group. If you are interested in coming along, our next meeting will be held at 7.00pm on Monday 28 May in the School Boardroom.

Our first meeting discussed a wide range of suggested activities to help make our celebrations next year a great success. Initial planning is underway. If you do have some thoughts about how we could celebrate our School’s 40th Birthday, please forward them to Fiona prior to our next meeting of the committee.

Greg Schneider


Poor Air Quality – Reduce Physical Activity

Attention All Teachers,

Please be careful about the physical activity of your students in the smoky conditions today. It is important that you are alert to any respiratory symptoms with your students. People are being encouraged to take care not to over-exert themselves while the air is of such poor quality. Not a good day for running around the oval or being overly energetic. The air may clear a little later in the day, depending upon a windshift that has been predicted.
Greg S

A Busy Week

A busy week ahead of us this week, with Junior Athletics Carnival and Open Day… separated by the ANZAC holiday on Wednesday!



Sunday Chapel

It was a joy to celebrate the baptisms of Abby and Kiara on Sunday evening. Thank you to all staff who attended and helped make this a very special occasion.

Open Day/Evening

On Thursday afternoon and evening we are holding an Open Day/Evening. Thank you to those staff members who have offered to lead tours. Marissa will ensure you have all the necessary information. Brendan are you able to discuss with Marissa the involvement of School Captains and make arrangements for them to be present (if possible).

I appreciate that is is another evening out for all staff. Thank you for being present in your classrooms and for warmly welcoming our visitors when they visit your rooms. If for some reason you are not able to be in attendance, can you please make contact with me.

Junior Athletics Carnival

It appears that we will have a lovely morning for our Junior Athletics Carnival tomorrow. Thank you for all your work in preparation for this event.

Have a great week everyone,

Greg Schneider


Welcome Back

Welcome back for the start of Term 2.

We commence with a Professional Learning Day on Monday 16 April. The morning begins at 9.00am with Staff Devotion led by Pastor Mark.


9.00 am – Staff Devotion

9.10 am – Staff Meeting

10.00 am – Strategic Plan

10.45 am – Morning Tea (provided)

11.15 am – The Learning That Matters – Continuing the Collaboration Journey

1.00 pm – Lunch

1.45 pm – Staff Preparation and Planning Time

4.00 pm – Close

A special welcome back to Dani who returns to her role as Director of Learning and Learning Enhancement Coordinator, following a period of Maternity Leave.


Congratulations to Vanessa who celebrated her marriage during the holidays. Vanessa returns on Tuesday 17 April.

We also celebrate with Ruby and her husband Sumit on the birth of their new little girl (yet to be named!).

Jane and I also have a new little granddaughter, Penelope, born on the 5th April. A sister for Issy.

New Students

We welcome the Schulze family to Good Shepherd. Ishmael (6SM) and Jerusha (4LP) commence this term. Pastor Schulze is the new School Pastor commencing at Luther College this term.

Long Service Leave

We wish Anne-Marie a relaxing period of Long Service Leave and look forward to her return to School in Week 4. Megan Dredge will be teaching 1AH for the first three weeks of term.

A Busy Term

We have a busy term ahead of us, starting with our Year 6 Leadership Camp on Wednesday to Friday of Week 1.

I have been spending much of the second week of the school holidays interviewing new families for our 2019 Prep intake. Interviews will continue for the next five weeks or so. This will mean that my calendar is busier than usual and it may be a little more difficult to see me. If you do wish to meet with me about something, please check with Fiona and she will make a suitable time. It may be a busy time, but not too busy to discuss what is important.

It is great to have you all back for Term 2. Have a rewarding term of learning and relationship building with you with your students.

Greg Schneider


Enterprise Agreement Negotiations

Dear Staff,
I have been requested to share with all staff an update from LEVNT regarding the status of the new Enterprise Agreement negotiations;
1. The EA bargaining negotiations are proceeding in good faith and progress continues to be made with a number of the claims.
2. The bargaining process is complex and time-consuming. Whilst LEVNT has drafted a new document, changes and improvements to the new agreement are still being negotiated and we are therefore not yet in a position to present this new agreement for staff to consider and vote on.
3. As employers, we are committed to negotiating an agreement that will achieve fair and reasonable terms and conditions of employment for staff while also providing for the teaching and learning needs of our students.
4. LEVNT has made what it considers to be a fair and reasonable salary increase offer to employee bargaining members. This includes an average teacher salary increase of 11.4% over a four-year period and school officer increases ranging from 11.4% to 14.75%.
5. A firm commitment has been made by LEVNT to develop teacher workload guidelines during the course of this next agreement. This will involve consultation with teaching staff and is to ensure a balanced approach is taken in achieving an appropriate teacher workload model in each school.
6. While bargaining is still in progress, “agreements” are subject to change for the purpose of providing all parties with the best negotiated agreement. As such full details of what has been negotiated cannot yet be provided to staff. However, some examples of matters successfully negotiated to date include:
a. Access to Special Leave will increase – 33.3% (or 5 days for a full-time employee) of personal/carer’s leave will be able to be accessed as Special Leave. There will also be broadened examples of applicability provided in the Enterprise Agreement.
b. Compassionate leave (Cl 29) will increase to 3 days per occasion for both death and injury or illness that poses a serious threat to life – previously was 3 days for death and 2 days for injury or illness or serious threat to life.
c. Examination leave (Cl 36) has been widened to include completion of assessment tasks.
d. Junior rates of pay will be introduced for School Officer Grades A & B.
e. A new stand-alone provision for 5 days of Family Violence Leave per calendar year is proposed
f. Camp allowance being paid to school officers
7. LEVNT is aiming to reach resolution on all outstanding claims, including salary increases and approach to teacher workload definition as soon as practicable in 2018 and bring the proposed agreement to staff for a vote.
8. As Principal, I will continue to provide you with updates on the negotiation process as details are shared from LEVNT.

Greg Schneider



How do I log on and check my Parent-Teacher Interviews?

To access  your parent teacher interview list online follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Assessment & Reporting Menu (on the Staff Portal)
  2. Scroll down to School Interviews
  3. Click on the VISIT button
  4. Enter username: gslps
  5. Enter password: gslps5357

Note Taking Thinking Routine

Dear Teachers,

Here is the  link to the article and “Note Taking” video from Harvard Graduate School of Education and Project Zero that I shared at Staff Meeting. The video promotes a practical way to enhance learning at the end of a lesson or professional learning session.


Please feel free to trial it with your class. I would be interested in getting some feedback from you.


Greg S