Welcome to Trevor Stamford our new Facilities Manager

Attention All Staff,

A special welcome to Trevor Stamford our new Facilities Manager who commenced today. All maintenance requests are to go to Trevor via the Staff Portal Maintenance Log. Trevor will also have a pigeon hole in the Staffroom and his email address is;

Allocation of Students to Classes for 2018

Dear Classroom Teachers,

Please note that there have been some updates to the shared documents that include special circumstances and considerations re classes for 2018. I have also placed a hard copy in a pigeon hole for each Year level.
Thank you for the work you put into this task. I appreciate that it can be quite complex taking into consideration all the factors as outlined on the information sheet.

Principal’s Awards

Dear Staff,

Please have your Principal Awards to Greg by the end of Wednesday 1 November, for this Friday’s Chapel.
Award forms are on the Staff room table or in the Administration Office. Thank you.

Kind Regards,

 Fiona Taylor
Executive Assistant to the Principal 

Allocation of Students to Classes 2018

What to do if parents wish to make special requests re teachers, classes, students:

  1. Parental requests regarding choice of teachers and friends, etc., are discouraged and will only be accepted in very special circumstances.
  2. One reason for this is that it is extremely difficult and often inappropriate to meet all requests, as often they do not fit in with other considerations.
  3. Where there are very special considerations, these are to be directed to the Principal in writing, explaining reasons for such a request.
  4. There may be times when parents wish to inform the School of various special factors that they believe the School could take into consideration when deciding upon class lists. These also are to be directed in writing to the Principal.
  5. It is inappropriate and unprofessional for teachers to be discussing with parents the respective merits of other teachers. If asked for your opinion, it is important to be diplomatic in informing parents that it is inappropriate and unprofessional for you to comment about other teachers or other students.  You can, however, say that you will be taking into consideration various teaching/learning styles when recommending class allocations.
  6. It is inappropriate and contrary to School Privacy Policy for teachers to enter into discussion with parents about children other than their own. eg behaviour, achievement level, attitudes etc. If asked for your opinion, it is important to be diplomatic in informing parents that it is inappropriate and unprofessional for you to comment about other parents’ children.  You can, however, say that you will be taking into consideration various social relationships, friendships etc when recommending class allocations.
  7. Explain to parents the various criteria that are considered by teachers when allocating students.
  • Gender balance (boys and girls)
  • Balance of level of academic achievement and students with specific learning needs
  • Teaching style/learning style compatibility
  • Balance of students who are more behaviourally challenging
  • Balance of students with specific social and/or emotional needs
  • Other special student needs that are evident eg health concerns
  • Teacher/child relationships
  • Student friendships and relationships (some encouraged/some discouraged)
  • Other special circumstances that may have arisen.

Not all criteria will necessarily be met, however, teachers will do their very best to come up with the best balance they can.

  1. Make no guarantees or assurances. It can cause serious difficulties at a later stage.
  2. If unsure what to say or do, it is wise to consult your Department Co-ordinator and/or the Principal.
  3. Confidentiality is essential. Staff need to be particularly careful about what they say.


Greg Schneider


Leadership Development Program

What is LDP?

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a nation-wide strategic program of the schools, principals, regional and national offices of Lutheran Education Australia to provide leadership for the growing network of Lutheran schools. LDP aims to ensure that Lutheran schools have the leaders required to operate effective schools for the future.

LDP has four components:

* leadership profiling

Profiling is the first stage of the program and gives participants the opportunity to identify and reflect on significant experiences and achievements in their leadership journey and provide a basis for planning future personal and professional formation

* postgraduate study in educational leadership

LDP participants will undertake formal study in the two years following their acceptance into the program and will be supported by a 75% subsidy of fees for approved courses

* mentoring

As a supportive relationship for reflection and growth, mentoring will be a part of the program. Mentoring will commence with reflection on the leadership profile report and support ongoing formation and professional development.

* LEA and regional workshop

This workshop aimed to explore the strength, diversity and organisational structure that underpins Lutheran education through regional and national links, will assist participants to understand the commitment needed from leaders in the Lutheran school context

What can participants expect to gain from their LDP experience?

  • Greater understanding of the nature of leadership and administration of Lutheran schools
  • Reflection on their own abilities and how God might be calling them to serve in the context of the Lutheran school
  • Achievement of necessary skills and understandings to be an effective leader in the Lutheran school
  • Greater levels of confidence in their own leadership capacity

Applications for the next round of LDP will close 3 November 2017.



LDP manager:

  • Julian Denholm,Lutheran Education Vic/NSW/Tas, 755 Station Street, Box Hill 3128 Tel 03 9236 1250.
    Email julian.denholm@levnt.edu.au

Synergetic – Action Required

Please be reminded that when you log into Synergetic at the start of Term 4, you will be prompted to change the settings to the current term.  It is very important that this is done, otherwise when you mark rolls, the data will appear in Term 3.

Software Review and Evaluation Survey

Classroom Teachers and Specialist Teachers please complete this survey by Friday 22nd September.


If you have any questions please contact Dani or Kylie M

Maintenance Requests

Until a new Facilities Manager is appointed could all maintenance issues please be directed to:

  • Karen Balthasar – ext 16504
  • Justin Beyer – ext 16505
  • Hilton Haeusler – ext 2105 or email: hilton.haeusler@gslps.vic.edu.au

Hilton Haeusler
Business Manager