Free Dress Day Thu 15 Feb

Please note there is a Free Dress Day on Thursday 15th February 2018.

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Multi Enterprise Agreement for Victorian Lutheran Schools

Dear Staff members,

I would like to provide you with an update on the progress of negotiation of a new Multi Enterprise Agreement for Victorian Lutheran Schools, as the current Agreement expired on 31 December 2017.
The bargaining team, which consists of employer representatives lead by LEVNT, and employee bargaining representatives including the IEU, has been negotiating since the start of August 2017 on the log of claims. These negotiations are proceeding in good faith and there has been significant progress made with a number of the claims.  It is important to remember that the bargaining process is complex and time-consuming, and I would like to stress that as employers we are committed to negotiating an agreement that will achieve fair and reasonable terms and conditions of employment for staff while also providing for the teaching and learning needs of our students.
The bargaining team has reached agreement on numerous claims and LEVNT has made a salary increase offer to employee bargaining members. While bargaining is still in progress, “agreements” are subject to change for the purpose of providing all parties with the best negotiated agreement.
LEVNT is aiming to reach resolution on all outstanding claims, including salary increases and teacher workload, early in 2018 and then to bring the proposed agreement to staff for a vote. Please understand that until negotiations are complete the current Agreement will remain in place and there will not be any salary increases other than increments.
I will continue to provide you with updates on the negotiation process as details are shared from LEVNT.


Greg S


Welcome to 2018

A warm welcome back to school to commence the 2018 School year. I hope you have had a relaxing and re-energising holiday and are looking forward to the opportunities of the year ahead.

It has been a remarkable transition from 2017 to 2018 with very few changes to staff. We welcome Jo Chapman who will be working with Kylie Mitchell in the ICT Department during Semester 1.

We welcome back Diana Nagorcka (Senior School Musical Semester 1 and ICT Semester 2) and Amanda Bendle (Music/Choral) who are both returning from Maternity Leave.

We also welcome Claire Kempster to our Music Department as a Woodwind Teacher.

Please make our new staff members feel very welcome and support them in their transition into Good Shepherd.

All staff commence on Thursday 25 January at 9.00am for our first Staff Devotion and Staff Meeting for the year. Friday 26 is a Public Holiday, and then we meet again on Monday and Tuesday prior to students commencing on Wednesday 31 January.

Looking forward to seeing you all again on Thursday 25th.

May 2018 be a year filled with many blessings as we again work together to make the Good Shepherd learning experience the very best it can be for our students and their families.


Greg Schneider


Why not be that teacher?

Your troublesome students are waiting for an adult to connect with and please, and be accepted by. Why not be that adult?

Human offspring have the longest dependency period of any species. They depend on adults in their lives to survive and thrive more any other species offspring. Surviving and thriving will depend on connecting with, pleasing and being accepted by adults in their lives. It’s why it’s been built into their DNA, and they have natural tendencies to want to connect, please and be accepted.

Unfortunately, some are born into life situations where connecting, pleasing and being accepted is difficult. Yes, kids can do things that aren’t good for them or adults simply won’t like. But it’s how adults choose to look at what they do that determines how adults feel, and what they say or do to or with kids. It’s not what the kids say or do that upsets adults. Their thoughts upset them, not what kids do.

Kids’ symbolic self – the person they want to be and be seen as by others – stems from wanting to connect and please, and be accepted. When they can’t, that’s threatening to their symbolic self.  Kids can start plugging into their fight or flight responses very early in life. Many become like turtles, quick to suck into their shells, but some become like rattlesnakes, quick to coil, rattle and even strike out with venom. It’s easy to take offense at the latter, but it’s really all defensive.
But somewhere inside both the turtles and rattlers is that kid who still just wants to connect, please and be accepted. Why not be the one that gets him/her to take a chance on adults again. What could be more rewarding than being that person? Isn’t that the experience you hoped for when choosing to become a teacher?

Ray Mathis

Education Consultant, Speaker, Educator, Author

2018 Term 1 – Professional Learning Days

Thursday 25th January 

Time Professional Learning
9 – 9.10am Staff Devotion – Mark                                                               
9.15 – 10.45am Staff Meeting – All staff
10.45-11.15am Recess – Morning Tea Provided


Professional Learning Session 1 – Greg

  • The Learning That Matters  – All staff
1-1.45pm   Lunch
1.45-3.00pm Professional Learning – Online Training Modules      

  • Mandatory Reporting
  • Level 2 First Aid (please see Teresa’s email for further details) 
3-4pm Staff preparation and planning time/ Transition Conversations
4pm Close of day


Monday 29th January 

Time Professional Learning
8.45 – 9am Staff Devotion – Greg                                                              
9 – 11am First Aid Training (Group 1 ) – Teresa/Hearo HQ

  • In Library Resource Centre

Professional Learning Session 2 (Group 2)  –  TBC

  • In Staffroom
11-11.30am Recess 


First Aid Training (Group 1) – Teresa/Hearo HQ  

  • In Library Resource Centre

Professional Learning Session 3 (Group 2)  – TBC                          

  • In Staffroom
1.30-2pm  Lunch
2-2.45pm Department Meetings
2.45-4pm Staff preparation and planning time/ Transition Conversations
4pm Close of day


Tuesday 30th January 

Time Professional Learning
9 – 9.10am Staff Devotion – Rick                                                              
9.15 – 9.45am Staff Meeting – Greg

  • All staff
9.45-11am Professional Learning Session 4  – Rick

Dealing with Difficult Conversations & Restorative Practice Refresher

  • All staff
11-11.30am Recess 
11.30-12.45pm Staff preparation and planning time
12.45-1.30pm  Lunch
1.30-4pm Staff preparation and planning time
4pm Close of day/ Happy Hour


Wednesday 31st January 

Time Professional Learning
8.20am Staff Devotion – Kirsty                                                              
8.50am First Bell – Students in classrooms, ready to move to Chapel
9.15am Opening Worship Service – Mark
10.00am Parent Morning Tea – Multi-Purpose Room
11.00am Recess 
11.20am Classes Resume                    
12.30pm Preps Depart
1.00pm  Lunch
1.45pm Classes Resume
3.30pm Students Depart


Arrangements for Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th December

Please find the arrangements for Monday and Tuesday below.

Monday 18th

  • 9am Start
  • Devotion (Jane) followed by Staff Meeting
  • Morning Tea provided by the Ridley family (a thank you to the Good Shepherd staff)
  • No further planned/structured sessions for staff
  • Transition conversations, general tidying, other jobs from Staff Meeting to be conducted
  • 4pm close of day

Tuesday 19th

  • 9am start
  • Staff Briefing (no staff devotion)
  • No planned/structured sessions for staff
  • Transition conversations, general tidying, other jobs
  • 12.30pm Staff Christmas Lunch – Gym/Terrace Area
  • 2pm Closing Worship Service/ Close of Day
  • 7pm Staff Christmas Party (RACV Country Club, Healesville)

Wednesday 20th

  • Administration Centre Closes 1pm

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Rick Kolb

Assistant Principal

Swimming Carnival

Thank you to Jason and the large team of helpers who ensured our Swimming Carnival was successful. The students seemed to have a great day and I have received positive feedback from parents. Well done!

Greg Schneider


Staff/School Council Dinner – Friday 8 December

Dear Staff,
Have you confirmed your attendance at our Staff/School Council Dinner on Friday 8 December? This is an important evening for us all to be in attendance. Our School Council cover the costs of food and drinks and partners are very welcome. Please add your RSVP to the list on the whiteboard in the Staffroom (current list of RSVPs attached).
At our dinner on Friday 8 December we will be farewelling five members of School Council and one member of staff (Kathy Conlon who is retiring).
I do encourage you to come along. It is always a relaxing and enjoyable evening. If you are not able to attend for some reason, can you please let me know?
Greg Schneider

Welcome to Trevor Stamford our new Facilities Manager

Attention All Staff,

A special welcome to Trevor Stamford our new Facilities Manager who commenced today. All maintenance requests are to go to Trevor via the Staff Portal Maintenance Log. Trevor will also have a pigeon hole in the Staffroom and his email address is;

Allocation of Students to Classes for 2018

Dear Classroom Teachers,

Please note that there have been some updates to the shared documents that include special circumstances and considerations re classes for 2018. I have also placed a hard copy in a pigeon hole for each Year level.
Thank you for the work you put into this task. I appreciate that it can be quite complex taking into consideration all the factors as outlined on the information sheet.