Stationery Survey

As you are most likely aware, we recently conducted a survey for parents to provide us with feedback on the stationery ordering process.

There are some key points that came out of this survey that we would like to make you aware of:

Over-ordering of stationery

Many of our school parents have expressed their frustration at the amount of unused stationery that is returned to them at the end of each school year. We ask that this year, when teachers are asked to create their student stationery lists, that you seriously evaluate what stationery is required for your students. In recent years, we have increased our reliance on digital technologies and this, in effect, will reduce the amount of stationery required by students. We would rather that you are more conservative in your estimates for the year. If you happen to under-order, we can put through a small, second order during the year or access school reserve stationery.

Prep and Year 1

81% of respondents to the survey were satisfied with the process of being required to order a full ‘stationery pack’ for their Prep or Year 1 child, to be used communally in the classroom. Accordingly, we will continue with Prep and Year 1 stationery packs in 2018.

We do ask, however, that Prep and Year 1 teachers do not send surplus stationery home with students at the end of the year. This stationery has been purchased for communal classroom use and any leftover stationery is to be retained by the school and stored as reserve stationery. Again, if you are more conservative with your ordering, there should be much less unused stationery.

Year 2 to Year 6

Many parents expressed dissatisfaction that they are required to order stationery during early Term 4, prior to finding out what stationery has been leftover from the current year. Accordingly, we ask that at the end of Term 3, all Year 2 to Year 6 teachers review what stationery is leftover and either send surplus stationery home with students or write to parents with an outline of what stationery items are likely to be leftover at the end of the year.

Thank you for your support and cooperation with these initiatives.