Good Shepherd introduces Waste Free campaign

Throughout 2018, Good Shepherd Lutheran Primary School has held a number of ‘Nude Food Challenge Days’ to encourage students to reduce the amount of waste that is going into lunchboxes.  This initiative is run by the Maroondah City Council and is in its fourth year.  The Challenge aims to support schools to reduce lunchbox packaging waste and to educate the school community about the benefits of packing healthy, rubbish free lunches.

Across the eight schools participating in the Challenge, the number of lunchbox wrappers was reduced by1,644 pieces – this is equivalent to 337,000 pieces of rubbish no longer going to landfill each year from lunchboxes!

Good Shepherd reduced the most packaging waste, with the number of lunchbox packets down by 1.3 packets, per student – resulting in 676 less pieces of rubbish going to landfill each day from lunchbox waste – an exceptional effort!  To say thank you, the School received a new compost bin, worms and a compost collection caddy for each classroom to assist with recycling food scraps every day.

Inspired by their success and looking to take this initiative one step further, students of Good Shepherd suggested introducing Waste Free Wednesdays encouraging classmates to reduce their lunchbox waste on a weekly basis.  The first of these days was held on Wednesday 7th November and will continue through to the end of the school year.

We look forward to continuing our efforts in reducing packaging waste and promoting sustainability awareness among the Good Shepherd community.

Penny Soong, Marketing and Communications Officer