Year 6 Leadership, Learning and Sustainability Camp

At the beginning of Term 2, our Year 6 students packed their bags and departed for three days at Camp Marysville. The camp was linked to our units of study on Leadership and Teamwork as well as relating to our Integrated Studies unit on Sustainability.

Students participated in a wide range of activities such as cooking scones, muffins or pizzas with ingredients from the on-site garden, canoeing (which involved skills of manoeuvring and getting teachers very wet), rock climbing, low-ropes and bush walking. The camp catered for all abilities and challenged students in different areas. Teamwork was a major focus and we were very proud to see all our students step up to the challenge of working with different peers to solve new problems and interact effectively together.

We received exceptional feedback from the camp leaders who stated that they were surprised how deeply our Year 6 students thought about questions that were asked of them and how well they engaged with the activities. They expressed how this was well above what their expectations were. Of course we felt very proud to hear this feedback. Congratulations to all our students on a wonderful camp and we very much look forward to spending a week in Canberra with you at the end of the year.

“I really enjoyed having people in my cabin that weren’t old friends. I found the rock climbing very challenging but Jett cheered me on. I learnt many things about leadership.” – Richard

“To be a leader means to stand up for other people and make sure everybody is doing what they are meant to be doing, and also being kind to others about it.” – Ashlee

“After attending camp I will try to always work as a team and listen to others’ ideas. I will also try to lead a team even if we are failing.” – Melody