Behaviour Development

Good Shepherd has a whole-school approach to behaviour development that encourages children to become confident, courteous, friendly, reliable, forgiving and compassionate in order to allow themselves and each other the maximum opportunity to learn. Students are encouraged to examine their own behaviour and, importantly, to take responsibility for it.

Behaviour development within our school is underpinned by our Christian ethos and stems from our care and concern for each child’s wellbeing. Our belief in this approach to behaviour development and student wellbeing, grows out of a context of respect for the rights and responsibilities of each individual.

To effectively implement our Behaviour Development Program, all members of staff aim to operate as a team, work in partnership with parents and to support one another.

Children learn best when:

  • They feel confident and secure in their school and home environment
  • They are affirmed and happy
  • The focus of learning is made clear
  • Learning tasks and experiences give opportunity for success
  • Learning programs cater for varied abilities
  • Learning includes collaborative group tasks as well as individual learning tasks